Bulk Add All Facebook Friend in Group | Facebook Group Admin Tools 2020-2021: Facebook is a big social network everybody uses it frequently to the touch with family and friends how to add admin to the Facebook group, Facebook Groups are the good locality for any discussion together with your personal preference friends or totally different members. no one from outside will intrude within the institution without admin permission approach organizations are completely totally different from pages. In pages, completely everyone seems to be loose to love the online, here you can see two different methods to add FB friend in the group by a single click Facebook Group Admin Tools.

How To Add All Facebook Friend By Single Click in Group 2019-2020
How To Add All Facebook Friend By Single Click in Group 2019-2020

Moreover, closed or public.fb group by the method of single click but the difficulty we tend to face in groups is that we want to feature all members manually individually. that’s a time-eating process?.

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Bulk Add All Facebook Friends in Group | How to Add Admin to Facebook Group

As in my current place up, I speak Invite All friends to love Facebook Pages. that is beneficial for inviting too several friends to a Facebook website within a couple of secs and it’s undoubtedly a time-saving technique. however, that method is the best operative FB page. not on FB corporations. these days I will discuss a way to feature members in Facebook companies. once in a very whereas, we had AN account with 5000 or fewer buddies.

Steps # Add All Facebook Friends By Single Click / Facebook Group Admin Tools

Method # 1 – how to add admin to the Facebook group

  1. First Now Click the F12 button to open the debugger and then select the console box.
  2. First of all Login into that whose friends you want to invite.
  3.  Then open your Facebook Group in which you want to add friends.
  4. Now copy a script from the below-given button.[Get The Script Here]
  5. Copy-paste the whole provided code and then paste them into the console box.
How To Add All Facebook Friend By Single Click in Group 2019-2020
How To Add All Facebook Friend By Single Click in Group 2019-2020
  • Press enter and process will start for sending the invitation.

Note:-don’t fret regarding something this script is completely safe. just in case you have got too several friends then you get blocked for user groups  your account may get locked. thus use caution.

Method # 2 

  1. First of all, you need to click on the Invite FB Group Friend  Google chrome extension to install in your Chrome browser.
  2. properly install and enable access to the extension.
  3. Now, simply open the desired group where you want to add friends bulk.
  4. Now, click on add member or invite friend option.
  5. Sudden after the invite friend option, you will see the pop-up menu bar which you will show your friends with the invite button.
  6. now you need to simply click on the “Group invite all” icon.
  7. the system automatically starts bulk add FB friends in your desire group.
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Video tutorial:


I have discussed Bulk Add All Facebook Friend in Group | Facebook Group Admin Tools & how to add admin to Facebook group with a unique working method with the cleared example as given Picture.you can add your Friend easily by just click Step if you have any query regarding this article ask me freely by comments below.

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