How to View FB Private Photo Viewer Pictures 2020-2021 [Facebook Trick] Latest Working Fast Trick Today we are here to share with you about  Social networking giant Facebook is used by one and all to be in contact with our friends, colleagues, one’s family, and ones. With social media, we always need some privacy, and Facebook provides us the same via Privacy Settings. Privacy settings on “View FB Private Photo” help the users to hide or lock their profile pictures and other pictures from public or specific people. How to view it?

How to View FB Private Photo Viewer Pictures 2020-2021 [Facebook Trick]
How to View FB Private Photo Viewer Pictures 2020-2021 [Facebook Trick]

Moreover, there are very restricted permissions from FB network, no one can view any private/secure images/picture to any other peoples, This setting is pretty necessary to use looking at the increase in users of Facebook so that unknown user/stranger is not able to get access to your profile picture or other albums.

However, even after using this setting, there is a way where one can view private Facebook pictures. In this article, How to Facebook Profile scanner to FB private photo viewer easily.

How to View FB Private Photo Viewer Pictures 2020-2021 [Facebook Trick]

  1. First of all open the timeline of which you want to See, Now you need a Username or Profile ID of the person whom profile picture you want to see.
  2. Just copy the Username and Profile ID in notepad or anywhere are the URL.
  3. Then replace the Paste-username-here from the below-given link with the Username or profile ID.
  4. https://graph.facebook.com/Paste-username-here/picture?width=9999
  5. Then it will look like as below:
  6. https://graph.facebook.com/TechViewZ/picture?width=9999
  7. If User ID “TechviewZ” does not work then you have to get the numeric User ID from here
  8. You just put your desire Facebook ID to get a Numeric ID like see below picture.
  9. Then  Press the Find numeric ID Button for Facebook private photo viewer.
  10. Now you will get the numeric ID to look like “100000684357663” then just altered like below
  11. https://graph.facebook.com/100000684357663/picture?width=9999
  12. Now to copy the link and paste them into the new tab of the browser.
  13. Just press the enter and view private Facebook pictures scanner.
  14. enjoy facebook hidden photo viewer.
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Note: This guide is for educational purposes only !! Don’t miss use anyone’s photos.

Video Tutorial Facebook hidden photo viewer:

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It’s all about How to View FB Private Photo Viewer Pictures 2020-2021 [Facebook Trick] Facebook hidden photo viewer where you can check/scan Fb hidden photo viewer picture easily without any issue if you wish to Facebook profile scanner it will also use as the same method as above If you like our efforts don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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