Everyone wants to know own smartphone hardware in dept So today we are going to share you a simple and easy way to Guideline: Check Your Android Phone DPI & CPU Architecture Status. in this simple procedure, you can check whole internal smartphone hardware Such as DPI, CPU Architecture, ARM, Operating system, Model, Software density, Chipset, Ram, Cores. These features you can learn from this post manually, just you need to concentrate on the Post.let’s move on our topic below.

Guideline: Check Your Android Phone DPI & CPU Architecture Status
Guideline: Check Your Android Phone DPI & CPU Architecture Status

Moreover, Do you know if you install any app from Google play store they are based on DPI & Cpu Architecture of an android phone? Yes. There are many website available offering APKS every APK files with the different combination of CPU & DPI. If the file does not recognize by Android it can’t be installed easily.

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Guideline: Check Your Android Phone DPI & CPU Architecture Status

So, before we discuss more about CPU & DPI you need to understand the basic things,There are 3 types of CPU ARM, ARM64, X86 in the world, if we discuss first about X86 basically this is the google version which we use Android operating system.X86 is not based on ARM technology it can b recognize by 32bit & 64bit. Both ARM’s are modern devices and more expensive than X86.

It’s enough to know about this three CPU, now let’s go straight to the guide where we will show you how to check your Android Phone’s DPI and CPU Architecture.

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Procedure To Check CPU & DPI.

  • First of all, you need to download an Application from google play store. it’s a simple app which shows you all internal hardware status so download it first from here Droid Hardware Info.
  • [appbox googleplay id=com.inkwired.droidinfo]
  • Install it properly and Launch this app.
  • The application will take you straight to the “Device Page”. From here you can check your phone’s software density (dpi).
  • ow to check CPU Architecture switch to the “System” tab. Here note the value written in front of “Instructions Set”. If its arm64-v8a then you have ARM64 architecture and if its arm-v7a then you have a 32-bit platform.

Droid Hardware Feature:

  • Device
  • System
  • Memory
  • Camera Features.
  • Thermal:
  • Battery
  • Sensors


We have shared you tutorial about Guideline: Check Your Android Phone DPI & CPU Architecture Status with the simple and easy method, you can easily understand the basic know between three CPU ARM, ARM64 & X86 which we have defined above in detail. Also, we have covered the checking status on DPI & CPU internal all smartphone hardware without any tension.If you like this article don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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