Guideline: Improve Camera Quality on OnePlus 5T/5 Using Camera M Mod: OnePlus Smartphone launches few year back.It considers Good devices under the budget.It always considers for Camera quality.If you are under budget like 20k t0 40k in flagships than its better choice for you.Recently OnePlus release their being famous smartphone OnePlus 5T/5 selling much due to Quality with dual camera setup performance as high resolution.Today we are sharing your method to more improve your camera quality using the just tiny method With Camera M.

Guideline: Improve Camera Quality on OnePlus 5T/5 Using Camera M Mod

Guideline: Improve Camera Quality on OnePlus 5T/5 Using Camera M Mod

moreover, The improve the camera quality on the OnePlus 5T/5 a senior XDA member txx1219 has developed a Magisk Mod OnePlus Camera M.

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Right after the installation of OnePlus Camera M mod, you will see the significant difference in the camera quality. Screenshots showing the difference are provided below. In this Android Tutorial, we will tell you how to improve camera quality on OnePlus 5T/5 with Camera M Mod.

Guideline: Improve Camera Quality on OnePlus 5T/5 Using Camera M Mod

Guideline: Improve Camera Quality on OnePlus 5T/5 Using Camera M Mod

Features of Camera M Mod

  • Improve pixel Quality.
  • JPEG quality increased to 100
  • Denoise responsible for the watercolor picture disabled
  • Sharpness adapted before picture been processing
  • Possibility of choosing front camera sharpness in Settings


  • Your OnePlus 5T/5 must have unlocked the bootloader.
  • Camera M mod will only work if your OnePlus Camera App is in its original state. Meaning, you need to uninstall any updates. To do so, Go to  SettingsApps > OnePlus Camera and disable the app. This will restore the OnePlus Camera app to factory version. After this, again re-enable app.
  • Make sure latest Magisk is installed on your OnePlus 5T/5.
  • TWRP must be Installed.


Steps #  Improve Camera Quality on OnePlus 5T/5 

  • Download the OnePlus Camera M mod from the link given above.
  • Move the downloaded file to your device.
  • Now launch the Magisk Manager app. open menu (Three Parallel Lines) in the top right corner.
  • From the Menu tap on ‘Modules’.
  • Now tap on the big yellow ‘+’ button at the bottom.
  • simply select the Masigk module Zip which you need to download
  • After selecting the module, press installs to start the process of installation of OnePlus Camera M Mod on your OnePlus 5T/5.
  • Once the flashing process completes, tap on ‘REBOOT‘ at the bottom of the screen for the changes to take effect.
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I have discussed to improve Camera quality on OnePlus 5T/5 using with Camera M Mod technology.

which was discovered one of the most senior members of “XDA Developer txx1219” who tested many OnePlus 5T/5 and successfully improved camera resolution.

and you can see the difference above on three different images.I hope it will help but don’t forget to share this post with your friend, you can find this post through camera quality on oneplus 5t/5,improve camera quality on oneplus,quality on oneplus 5t/5,camera quality on oneplus,oneplus 5t/5.

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