Instagram Allow to delete 25 comments at once [New Special Feature]


Instagram Allow to delete 25 comments at once [New Special Feature] Instagram is testing for some new features and some of these features have been launched. The company says 25 comments can now be deleted simultaneously. Now you can block multiple accounts at once in the new feature. The company said the features were being tested and found that it would help create a positive environment for users with more followers.

instragram 25 comments deleted at once
instragram 25 comments deleted at once

Instagram Allow to delete 25 comments at once [New Special Feature]

In addition to multiple content deletions and multiple blocks, the company is giving users more control over post tags and mansions. Insta users can now a special new feature in Instagram, 25 comments can be deleted at once deciding if they can tag everyone they follow, or if no one can tag or mention them.

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This feature of the tag will be applicable for comments, captions, and stories. You have to go to Instagram’s privacy settings to use this. The uploader can pin the comment made in the YouTube video if he wants so that the comment will appear continuously.

Instagram says that these new features or tools are built against online bullying. Online bullying can hurt anyone. The company also said that 1.5 million contents were removed in the fourth quarter of 2019. Which was joined by bullying and harassment?

so Instagram new feature allows you to delete bulk Instagram comments at once within seconds, it is a good feature mostly admin tired to delete unrelated comments from the post now it will help you to save their time.

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