Microsoft Decided Remove Ms Paint From Legacy In upcoming Updates: Now there is bad news from Microsoft now they are some changing in upcoming updates some are better and some are very bad.

because Microsoft announced in a press conference about next generation windows they have just a few things update us.one of the now Ms Paint will not longer available in next windows updates.

Microsoft Decided Remove Ms Paint From Legacy In upcoming Updates
Microsoft Decided Remove Ms Paint From Legacy In upcoming Updates


It is reported that Microsoft is going to permanently eliminate Paint from its legendary collection of software, that is a part of Windows 10.

Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 may be one of the most anticipated releases, but it will also cause some bad news for some pieces of standard software.

Microsoft Decided Remove Ms Paint From Legacy In upcoming Updates

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One of them is Paint, the application which helped flared the creativity defect in millions. This news has been added to a document which is being released by Redmond, leaning all the removed or deprecated features in the imminent redundancy of Windows 10.

But, the company will take some time to remove it from its frontline. 32 years ago, Microsoft Paint was introduced along with the first version of Windows, which is a licensed product of ZSoft Corporation’s PC Paintbrush.

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Initially, it was supporting only 1-bit graphics, after then the application was named as JPEG support accompanied with Windows 95.

Later version then evolved over this version. Unlike all other legendary software like Minesweeper, Paint was not transferred to Windows Store.

The Creators Update for Windows 10 has brought new features for Paint 3D app, which allows it additional functionality for the creation of 3D projects and modeling along with few image editing capabilities.

However, it can also work as a separate project generally and analyzed an offshoot of Paint, which will likely for a long time period.

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You may also be able to recognize some other familiar software in that document such as Outlook Express, Reader app, and Reading List.

However, none of them are having a nostalgia or the character that Paint app is featuring. With the expansion and support, Paint app will be on a constant life-support, will a plug set to be revealed soon.


I have discussed Microsoft Decided Remove Ms Paint From Legacy In upcoming Updates about to no longer available or killed in next generation windows or next updates. don’t know why they are obviously removing/deleting this

don’t know why they are obviously removing/deleting this Ms Paint software feature from windows.

Because Ms Paint usually needs this feature in picture cropped/resizing / or other kinds of works. let’s see what happened in next updates Might be Microsoft introduced another generation Ms Paint type software feature in next updates.

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