After a long time, Mobilink jazz has introduced free social network Facebook now using Free for every Warid & Jazz customers, In this project, you can use it Free Facebook for every Jazz Subscribers, In this article, we are trying to cover Mobilink Jazz Free Facebook with Jazz Super 4G [How to Eligible]. Yes, It’s true now Mobilink Jazz & Warid customer can enjoy a free version of Facebook that does not consume their DATA.

Mobilink Jazz Free Facebook with Jazz Super 4G How to Eligible
Mobilink Jazz Free Facebook with Jazz Super 4G How to Eligible

Moreover, Mobilink & Warid customer use Facebook As free for unlimited MB’s Data and chance to connect with your Friends & family 24/7.If you are Jazz customer you can switch on free data version on Facebook with the simple tab.

Mobilink Jazz Free Facebook with Jazz Super 4G How to Eligible

What is Free Facebook by Jazz?

With Free Facebook by Jazz, you can use Facebook and other similarly useful websites for free. While browsing Facebook on your mobile phone, you will have the option to use Facebook without getting charged for data.

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How can I get Free Facebook by Jazz?

Simply open the Facebook application on your android phone or visit the Facebook website to enjoy Facebook for free.

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How is it different from regular Facebook usage?

To use free Facebook, you will see a toggle on the top of your app to switch between Data and Free mode. In Free mode, you will be able to scroll through your timeline, post a textual status update, chat, comment on a status and share a post without any data charge. However, you will not be able to see images and videos or upload a picture or video.

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If you are new in Facebook user, then, Jazz are willing to provide you 30 days trial gift for new facebook user for Facebook Unlimited Usage Mb’s.



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