The biggest problem with the corona virus is taking its symptom. Symptoms of corona virus are not seen in many people but in some people after many days. Many people become infected as long as the symptoms persist. This requires a device and a sensor that provides immediate information about the symptoms.

Seeing this need during the Corona virus epidemic, Northwestern University, Chicago and Shirley Ryan Ability Labs have developed a special type of sticker that looks almost like a band-aid. This sticker is affixed to the throat. Which has many genuine sensors. These are called corona sensors.

Corona sensors are designed to provide information about the corona’s symptoms based on the cuff, breathing speed, and vibration. John Roger, a professor at Northwestern University, said the sticker did not use a microphone for privacy reasons.

This device uses high bandwidth and tri-axis accelerometer. So that breathing patterns can be tracked. These sensors also work to monitor heart rate and body temperature. The Corona sensors do not have an oxygen meter, but Rose said the next version of the sensor will support an oxygen meter.

Corona sensors have been used on 25 people so far. The sensor will be charged through this wireless charger and the data will be synced through the mobile app. No port of any kind is provided in the sensor. It also has the support of artificial intelligence.

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