Why Peoples prefer Uber Instead of Careem Cheap Rates: As you know two biggest transporters introduced own rate A car services rest of the Country, comp companies working perfect and saving passengers time you don’t need to go to Rent A Car shop for booking just install any app Uber or Careem within 5 minutes car will be on your doorstep.

Why Peoples prefer Uber Instead of Careem Cheap Rates

Why Peoples prefer Uber Instead of Careem Cheap Rates
Why Peoples prefer Uber Instead of Careem Cheap Rates

Careem and Uber taxi are best services ever introduced in Pakistan. From these services, you can have a ride on your door in just a few minutes. Moreover, you can travel wherever you need in cheap rates and comfortable condition.

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How to Avail these Services

Careem and Uber can easily be availed just by downloading and installing their associated apps on your mobile phone. After installing the apps you have to sign up & create your account on any of the preferred apps. And there you go…..

Now just have to open the app and enter your present location and the location you want to go, you will be demonstrated insights about everything on your mobile screen like the closest driver with his car, the rates and so on.

Cars and their Conditions

According to the consumer’s perspective, the difference between Uber & Careem is nothing more than a small line. Both of the service providers are doing their best to satisfy their customers. The first most step taken for this purpose is to provide highly maintained cars for their customers.

In this regard both of the services are outstanding. Moreover, elegant air conditioned cars with polite drivers are what everyone demands and thus they are fulfilling this demand at their best.


As per rates are concerned, there is a bit difference in rates. As per the current scenario, Uber is offering 10 to 20% cheaper rates than Careem. However, the two competitors are constantly slashing rates.

Moreover, both of the service providers are offering various relaxations & introducing discounts so prices are consistently varying.

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