How to use two Facebook accounts in Android/iPhone [Multiple] 2020-2021.: Today we are going to share with another trick to use multiple FB accounts with the simple and easy method, Nowadays Many people create several accounts on Facebook, and it’s good to have, also, as it helps us to manage both Professional and Personal Life.  Many times you have to use both Facebook account simultaneously; if you are using a PC or Laptop, it’s very easy to do it. But what if you are using Android or iPhone, how would you do that?

How to use two facebook accounts in Android/iPhone [Multiple]
How to use two facebook accounts in Android/iPhone [Multiple]/ multiple Facebook accounts android

Don’t worry; today, I will tell you how you could access “multiple Facebook accounts android” on your Android or iPhone.If you are using a smartphone too, you can use it on two different accounts on the same phone.

So let’s have a look at how we can do that. There is no special feature in the book Mobile app which will allow you to configure more than one Facebook account at a time. So, for this, we’ll use some available third-party app for your respected devices (Android or iPhone). These apps will let you Sign in with your Facebook account without logging out of your Other Facebook account.

How to use two Facebook accounts in Android/iPhone [Multiple] 2020-2021

Here we are going to use an Android app “FriendCaster” available on Google Play store. This app will help us to Log into multiple Facebook account at a time. The FriendCaster app has Clean UI, which makes the app easy to use. So let us have a look at how we can configure our Facebook account on it.

Method # two use Two Facebook account in Single Android Smartphone

  • Firstly Download and Install the FriendCaster app on your Android Phone. After Installation, Open it.
  • Now Sign in to your Facebook app using FriendCaster and Provide the app with all access. The Facebook account which you Links to the app now will be your Primary Account.
  • Now you have successfully added your first Account. Now to add an additional Facebook account, Just Go to App preferences and then Add Account. Here you will be able to add more accounts.
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  • How to use Multiple Facebook accounts on Android and iPhone here add your second account details which you want to use and don’t forget to grant all access just like your Primary Account
  • And you have added the two Facebook account. If you wish to add more Account, you can do that also using the same method.

Method # multiple Facebook accounts iPhone Smartphone

Now for iPhone or iPad, we’ll be using the app named “Friendly for Facebook” available on the iTunes store. This app will be best to use multiple Facebook accounts iPhone. Friendly has some more features which will make you love this app i.e., Configurable Birthday reminders, etc. So, let’s configure Multiple Facebook account on your iPhone.

  • Download and Launch Friendly for the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Now Simply Sign in using your multiple Facebook accounts iPhone details for successful authentication of your Account on the Friendly app.
  • This was it!

How to use multiple Facebook accounts android and iPhone

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Video Tutorial:


So, How to use two Facebook accounts in Android/iPhone [Multiple 2020-2021] now you don’t have to log in and log out again and again on your Android or iPhone device to use multiple Facebook accounts iPhone. Start using this app to feel comfortable while using multiple accounts on a single device and you can also use these apps as an alternative to the official Facebook apps. If you have any kind of query to share then feel free to contact us using the comment box. We shall get back to your queries as soon as possible. Furthermore, don’t forget to share it with your other friends and circle too.

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