Zong Double The Volume Size Offer l Zong All Mobile Broadband Package: We always come with different news about different categories so today we bring for you Zong Double The Volume Size Offer 2017 & “Zong All Mobile Broadband Package” Same Price for all Zong subscribers prepaid or postpaid also avail this fantastic offer and get a great time with zong.Here we not only show you the Double volume also zong all mobile Broadband Packages as per your need it’s consist on 2018 updated zong offer so get it.

Zong Double The Volume Size Offer l Zong All Mobile Broadband Package
Zong Double The Volume Size Offer l Zong All Mobile Broadband Package

so, there is some given list as per your need how much volume size you want to use and get double as the promise of zong so get it fast to avail it Mobilink 3G Internet Bundle Packages and Rates.

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Zong Double The Volume Size Offer l Zong All Mobile Broadband Package

Zong Packages with Double Incentives:

BundlesPriceOn-Net minutesOff-net minutesSMSMobile InternetValidity
Zong All-in-One DailyRs. 2080480080 MB1 Day
All-in-One WeeklyRs. 10070035700300 MB7 Days
All-in-One Monthly 500Rs. 5003,0001503,0003,000 MB30 Days
Flutter DailyRs. 81802002 MB1 Day
Flutter WeeklyRs. 501,2601,400Free Facebook7 Days
Flutter MonthlyRs. 1995,4006,000398 MB30 Days
Hello 1 dayRs. 8200200Free Facebook1 Day
Hello 3 dayRs. 226006006 MB3 Days
Hello 7 dayRs. 451,4001,40014 MB7 days
Full GupRs. 5150200Free Whatsapp1 day
Perfect PackageRs. 122,52020080 MB1 day
Circle MonthlyRs. 1652,00010030 days
Content Bundles
Twitter DailyRs. 240 MB1 day
Whatsapp DailyRs. 360 MB1 day
Facebook DailyRs. 5100 MB1 day
Social Pack DailyRs. 101,000 MB1 day
Zong Internet Packages
Daily Mini 20MBRs. 540 MB1 day
Daily Basic 100MBRs. 15200 MB1 day
Daily Premium 200MBRs. 25400 MB1 day
Weekly 700MBRs. 701,400 MB7 days
Monthly Mini 150MBRs. 50300 MB30 days
Monthly  Basic 500MBRs. 1501,000 MB30 days
Monthly Premium 2GBRs. 3004 GB30 days
Monthly Premium 4GBRs. 6508 GB30 days
Monthly Premium Plus10GBRs. 1,50020 GB30 days
Monthly Premium Plus 20GBRs. 2,50040 GB30 days
Monthly Premium  Plus 30GBRs. 3,50060 GB30 days
Premium Add OnRs. 20180 MB1 day
Basic Add OnRs. 1080 MB1 day
Zong SMS Packages
Daily SMSRs. 2.51,0001 day
Daily SMS-WhatsappRs. 3.991,000Free Whatsapp1 day
Weekly SMSRs. 10.992,4007 days
Fortnightly SMSRs. 5015,00015 days
Monthly SMS-WhatsappRs. 8030,000Free Whatsapp30 days


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How to check remaining resources Zong same price double the size offer:

All Mobile Broadband Packages 2018 Latest Updated Offer:

Activate MBB Plans *(Zong All Mobile Broadband Package)

Prepaid MBB MonthlyRs. 150036GB, Validity 30 Days
Rs. 250075GB, Validity 30 Days
(Free Nights 1AM – 9AM Up to 100GB)
Rs. 3720100GB, Validity 30 Days
Rs. 5951150GB, Validity 30 Days
Rs. 7439200GB, Validity 30 Days
Prepaid MBB 3 Months (36GB / MONTH)Rs. 400036GB / Month for 3 Months
Prepaid MBB 6 Months (75GB / MONTH)Rs. 1000075GB / Month for 6 Months
Prepaid MBB 12 Months (75GB / MONTH)Rs. 1800075GB / Month for 12 Months
Prepaid MBB ADD-ON 5GBRs. 3355GB, Validity as per base bundle

Internet SIM

Prepaid Addons – (Monthly)Rs. 5004GB, Validity 30 Days
Rs. 80012GB, Validity 30 Days
Rs. 150036GB, Validity 30 Days
Rs. 250075GB, Validity 30 Days

Prepaid – Addons

Prepaid – Internet SIM AddonsRs. 3721GB Data daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  Zong All Mobile Broadband Package
(Validity As per base Bundle)Rs. 1491GB Data daily from 1:00 am to 9:00 am



Steps To Follow

  • Enter MBB Child number/Internet SIM number and press “subscribe” button.
  • You will receive PIN of 7 Digits on your MBB user interface & on child number as well.
  • Enter your PIN and press “Verify & Subscribe”.

Watch video :

The same PIN will be used for future subscriptions if customer subscribe MBB & Internet SIM via the online shop


Its all about Zong Double The Volume Size Offer 2017 I hope you will like this article because I have to share you as early because its limited time offer from Zong so don’t west your time and share with your friends fast if you wanna get the latest news through our email so subscribe the blog below,

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